WHY choose Hypnosis?

In a world where almost everyone seeks to heal themselves either physically, emotionally, mentally, or financially, how many of you can claim to have achieved true healing?

Are you suffering from constant physical pains, ailments, chronic ulcers, a habit you’ve been trying to break or unhealthy behaviors that you want to change? Do you feel like you’ve tried all the possible ways to overcome these but nothing is working?

Any pain or discomfort we ever experience in our physical body is actually the feedback our body is giving us… “Hey! I am talking to you… Are you listening”?

What is Hypnosis?

A natural, highly focused state in which the conscious mind (one part of the mind) does not interfere with an unconscious process (another part of the mind). Hypnosis is a set of carefully structured instructions that bypass the filters of the conscious mind and allow the more powerful unconscious part of your mind to “come out to play”.

People often respond more readily to suggestions, which explains why hypnosis can be effective as a form of therapy to be able to heal, change behavior, overcome addictions or serious traumas. Hypnosis does not make people lose control over their behavior.

How does Hypnosis help?

Healing through hypnosis could be the answer to this constant pain that has made everyday a struggle for you. Hypnosis also improves your sleeping patterns and rejuvenates relaxation that would eliminate negative thought processes and can also help in the process of overcoming addictions, anxiety, pain, phobias and you will experience a sense of joy which will lead to better outcomes in your life.

What is the process like?

Humans are bestowed with the ability to change and resolve anything within their mind and body and that’s nothing short of a miracle. 

The process of hypnosis actually bypasses the conscious filters of the patient’s mind and gets direct access to the Subconscious Mind which is 95% more efficient and powerful than the Conscious Mind (which only holds 5% Power). During hypnosis, a person stays fully awake, but often experiences a decreased awareness of what is going on around himself as the FOCUS now is INWARD rather than OUTWARD. 

Our certified Hypnotists will help you with the right tools to HEAL physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so you can live a pain free, joyous and fulfilled life.