Yoga & Breathwork

When you’re going through a difficult situation, you tend to feel suffocated, your heart pounces and your breathing becomes heavy. Sometimes this feeling lingers and it becomes a constant restlessness in you.  Being in control of yourself, your breath, is vital. Irregular breathing patterns cause oxygen deprivation, which can be seen as a major threat to the body.

Yoga is an ancient science that brings harmony in mind, body, soul and spirit. In addition to increased flexibility, Yoga improves posture, circulation and breathing. Breathwork stems from yoga practices, therefore, they go hand in hand. Breathwork is done to release the negatives when you breath out and bring in the positives when you breath in. It is the process of intentionally controlling your breath. Breathwork is practiced with yoga, where it is infused in the yoga stretches and Asanas (poses)..

Through our Yoga experts and guided sessions, you will learn how while breathing out you release all that you’re withholding in you and while breathing in you take in what nourishes your mind, body and soul. Yoga and breathwork elevates your mood, you have a better focus, stronger immune system, better respiratory function and release of stress hormones.