Youth & Parent Coaching

Parenting has never been an easy task, there is no way to know if you’re doing it ‘right’ or if there even is a specific correct way to parent. Children of all ages face their own obstacles growing up, and oftentimes you naturally feel the need to be there for them and make things easier. 


Do you think your child requires support to build their confidence or to overcome challenges they face in their daily lives? As a parent you may have various concerns about your child. You may feel as though you have tried everything to help them build themselves in order to become the future leaders they are, but nothing seems to work.

child and parent holding hands

Being a teenager can be very challenging at times. As children grow and adapt to teenagehood, there are a number of challenges that suddenly arise. These challenges include; developing huge insecurities caused by bullying, peer pressure, body image and desire for academic validation – thus leading them to experience emotional distress, poor mental health, as well as feelings of depression and anxiety.


Although parental motivation is important for the children, sometimes parents have high expectations from their children, which leads them to  suffer from various psychological issues. Societal pressures also lead to teenagers becoming withdrawn, anxious and even cause them to lose confidence as they are forced to constantly chase after unrealistic and unattainable beauty standards or goals in life. 

Peer pressure can affect teenagers in both positive and negative ways. Positive peer pressure includes guiding teenagers towards developing effective coping skills and mechanisms in order to prepare them for a better adulthood, whereas negative peer pressure would instead encourage teenagers to partake in the consumption of addictive drugs or skip school.


Through our Coaching practices, we will help eliminate the negative beliefs that the youth have of not being good enough and build resilience in them and also help parents to understand them better and together apply structural changes in their daily lives to achieve mutual understanding, gain confidence, attain success and live overall healthier and more fulfilled lives. 

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