Our Community

Auracious Global believes in the spirit of community. With a phenomenal team that looks after all that is required for your well-being, we remove all the barriers that hold you back from achieving your life goals. 

We’ve built a global coaching community through collaborations with healers and coaches from different walks of life sharing knowledge, skills and expertise to help you attain personal empowerment. 

With joining the Auracious coaching community, a platform is created that ensures a journey of development and ultimate success.



YOGA/ Breathwork Expert

Rachna turned to yoga after battling with back pain for some years that developed into anxiety and breathing difficulties during her late twenties. After finding the courage to go to a yoga class, she hasn’t looked back and found that yoga and meditation gave her the strength to deal with physical and mental challenges. She pursued 500hrs of yoga certification from reputed Sri Sri School of Yoga. After having held one of the most demanding jobs as airline crew with ease for 14 years, she now raises her two beautiful children and works as a freelance yoga teacher, with a deep-rooted passion for helping others tap into their own source of self-love, self-acceptance, and empowerment.



EFT & CBT Expert

Caty is a lifelong student with a special passion for everything Mind-Body related. Her 9 years traveling the world while working in aviation not only offered her the opportunity to achieve a high cultural awareness but also the opportunity to complete several courses related to fields such as Meditation Teaching, Energy Healing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Kundalini Yoga and Plant-based Nutrition.
Having acquired the knowledge and practice that ultimately healed her childhood traumas and emotional blockages, Caty is pursuing her life mission in helping other individuals to achieve the same and thrive in all aspects of life through signature sessions that combine elements from EFT, Meditation & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Nour Life Coach


MINDSET & Success coach

Noura steered her direction after spending 15 years in the financial services industry realizing that there is more to life. A confirmation gained after she joined the workforce for another year to be in the banking industry and that was her breakthrough to know her real purpose of existence in this life.

Life coaching was a way to help her better understand, feel and deal with her emotions and find clarity in all aspects of life. It didn’t stop there, she ventured on another coaching program and this time to help others the way she succeeded in helping her mother and herself. Today she can help guide her clients to overcome and to excel any challenge, difficulty, or a hurdle that may stop them from achieving their ultimate potential.



EFT Coach

Sunandha is energy healing trained from early on in life. Her open mindedness to all forms of healing & therapy helped her experience healing from several sudden and unexpected traumatic instances in her adult life. Experiencing the direct benefit of healing and therapy in releasing unresolved emotions, shock responses and regaining parts of her own memory that were lost, she embraced her soul calling to share her work with others so they too may experience peace, solace and freedom in their lives. She is qualified in several forms of healing and therapy work including Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Magnified Healing, NLP, EFT & Inner Child Matrix. After 13 years in the banking sector, she actively raises two children along with her husband, while passionately sharing her life’s purpose to help others thrive and succeed in life, no matter the external obstacles.