Our Story

You must be wondering how Auracious Global came to be, why and how it was founded, right? The journey of Auracious Global began with the amalgamation of the founder Nowsheen’s life experiences with how she overcame life’s many challenges and obstacles, and her passion for sharing her learnings with people who could benefit from it, led her to take up a career as a life coach. From Nowsheen’s early childhood years and into her adult life, it was quite an arduous journey towards overcoming many fears and anxieties. Triumphing over them inspired her to go forward confidently in her chosen field of work.

Now, through Auracious, Nowsheen is living her passion of helping individuals to break their shackles of fears, anxieties, chronic pains, trauma and stress, to live a confident, happy and fulfilled life. She helps individuals and corporates to transform the way they understand themselves, their relationships, career and health, thus becoming their personal and professional best.

What we do?

Auracious aims to bring a dynamic transformation in people’s lives through the principles of Human Potential Development, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Life Coaching through individual coaching sessions, awareness workshops, corporate trainings, group coaching, webinars, seminars, social media awareness, eBooks, self-help PDFs and podcasts. The intent to help people in an authentic manner, backed by professional tools, put the founder on the road to making Life Coaching her career.

Thus it became her avocation and something that fulfilled her in more ways than she could imagine. Auracious focuses on adding value to human lives meaningfully and helps them access their full potential.

Auracious has a vision to bring together and facilitate a meeting of minds from various fields, to create an ocean of thought leaders, shared ideologies, and a fluid forum that inspires, sustains and encourages progressive thought.

Nowsheen Life Coach

How can we help?

Our Life Coaches are experts at understanding an individual’s needs and existing self-image, to then help formulate a developmental Life Coaching strategy to achieve their specific individual goals.

They can scientifically identify inner problems that prevent a person from leading a happy life and help them to overcome their challenges.

We offer Mindfulness, Meditation and Life Coaching through workshops and counselling sessions to individuals and professionals.

Our endeavour helps with the re-aligning of the human mind based on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Emotional Intelligence, Subconscious Mind Power with clear backing of Neuroscience.

Our processes are based on various tools, techniques and strategies that can be used effectively by individuals and corporates to help enhance their balance, resilience, creativity and performance. This ultimately leads to fulfilment, empowerment and holistic wellness.

The founder

Nowsheen Yaqoob, the Founder & CEO of AURACIOUS Global Consulting, is an internationally certified Master Life Coach & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

She focuses on Human Development, along with Personal and Professional Coaching solutions. Personally inspired towards seeking excellence in one and all, she is blazing new trails in life coaching and mind building. She combines the best of her experience and expertise to help individuals and corporates achieve Personal and Professional excellence.

Early life challenges that ranged from small strains to huge stresses, and her own ways of coping with the extremes of emotional and mental pressures, brought useful learnings to her first-hand. Looking further for solutions, succour and salvation, she found greater answers and a richer universe of solutions. Thus fulfilled, she resolved to share her learnings and help those who really needed emotional courage and mental peace.

She went on to study the oft-misunderstood science of life coaching from leading minds of this speciality. In doing so, she not only found all the answers to her own challenges, but also discovered a way forward, and a vocation to help others in a meaningful and wholesome manner.

Nowsheen Yaqoob

Today, she helps individuals and corporates through a systematically structured approach in life coaching, to achieve higher objectives by reaching the best of their own ultimate potential.

Her sessions, modules and courses are scientifically and thoughtfully structured to meet the requirements of even the most complicated challenges. Which is why, those who have benefitted from her life coaching recommend her highly to everyone who needs that inspiring encouragement that makes the big difference in their life, to enable them to lead a happy, successful and stress-free life.

She enables a dynamic shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, having learned the value of proving one’s worth to oneself more than to proving it to others who are usually too caught up with their own life battles to care enough or bother to notice. She realigns goals on the basis of what one expects from oneself, shifting away the mindset focus from always doing exactly what society expects by putting cultural pressures into the life journey of a free and liberated mind.

Human Connectedness, Growth and Contribution are the cornerstones on which Auracious is founded. Guided by their own personal transformational journey, each member of the Auracious team, beginning with the Founder, ensure that we give our best in everything that we do. The completely immersive personal transformation experience at Auracious leads to a meaningful personal evolution towards true Self-Empowerment.