Relief from Stress, Anxiety, Depression ​


Have you ever been in a situation where your heart starts to race, your breathing becomes heavier and your muscles feel as though they would make you run as far away as they can? That’s your response to stress (fight-or-flight) and it is normal during certain situations. However, constantly being in a state of stress can have harmful impacts on your health; both physical and mental.

Do you have constant feelings of agitation, being overwhelmed, unable to focus on tasks and losing control of your thoughts? Do you find yourself having regular headaches, upset stomach, insomnia and pain in the chest? This is what stress does to you, and if you’re unable to control it, it will lead to anxiety and depression.

Our life coaching program will guide you through a stress management process, where you would be able to identify your stressors and their root causes, then together we will work on developing strategies to eliminate them.


Whether it is giving a speech on stage, having obsessive thoughts, constant fear and worry, anxiety comes in all forms. Anxiety feels like butterflies have exploded in your stomach, you have sweaty palms and you can’t think straight. At times it is difficult to identify what exactly you are struggling with, and a correct diagnosis is required to be able to bring control over yourself in situations that trigger your anxiety.

Anxiety is described as a feeling of being terrified or worried, where you are unable to regulate your emotions. It makes you stress about the same issues over and over again, putting you on the edge and limiting you from living a fulfilled life.

If you look at things in a different way, understand what amplifies levels of stress or anxiety and learn to think and respond accordingly, the feelings will naturally start to decrease. It may be challenging to accomplish this on your own, but with assistance from a life coach, it is possible. A specific situation - or even the idea of it - might sometimes be the source of your anxiety. With our coaching practices, you will figure out why this has been happening and improve your response.


Depression tends to cause feelings of sorrow and/or a loss of interest in activities you once indulged in with great joy. It can cause a variety of mental and physical issues, as well as a reduction in your capacity to perform at work and at home. Depression can also involve trouble focusing, feelings of helplessness, a lack of self-esteem, aches and pains.

If you are suffering from depression, you might experience difficulty keeping a normal routine for getting work done or fulfilling social commitments. This could be because of indications like inability to concentrate, memory issues, and trouble deciding. You may turn to alcohol or medications, which will possibly build cases of reckless behavior. Dealing with depression will engross you in suicidal thoughts or harming yourself as you switched off from everything in life. Reaching that point is dangerous, therefore, it is important to seek help sooner.

Our Life Coaches will authentically help you recuperate from depression by offering encouragement and support, in addition to helping you with specific coaching processes. Through this, you will learn how to redefine your purpose and overcome depressive symptoms.