Releasing Trauma,Fear & Phobia​

What is Trauma?

Have you ever gone through a certain negative experience that stuck with you for the rest of your life? Whether it was an accident, violence, or abuse, the trauma from it continues to affect you. Trauma is a natural emotional response towards a terrible and frightening experience that one has had to endure. Some of the first immediate responses to traumatic events are denial and shock. However, overtime you would notice more prolonged or delayed effects such as anxiety, dissociation, persistent exhaustion, nightmares, insomnia, disorientation, unpredictability and avoidance of emotions – just to name a few.

Indicators of more extreme reactions include severe intrusive and continuous flashbacks despite returning to safety and constant anguish without any periods of maintaining relative composure. 

Fear & Phobia

Can you relate to any of these common fears? The fear of heights, spiders, needles, closed spaces? And if you do, how does it make you feel? Fear is a feeling every person has experienced at some point of time. Fear is your body’s ability to identify danger and either confront it or run away from it. Not being able to face certain fears leads to phobias.

Phobias arise from intense fear reactions which may be unreasonable to the possible danger. However, to the person with the phobia, the danger is extreme and can affect how they live their day to day lives. 

Panic episodes often occur in cases of phobias and these are extremely distressing. It is important to learn how to overcome these fears, most of which are creations of our imagination.

We Got you!

You need to learn not to allow your trauma and fears define who you are.

Our certified Life Coaches will assist you in dealing with various types of trauma, fears and phobias. We will provide you with a listening ear and help you learn how to heal your wounds and gradually revert to your previous life.

Understanding that you need help with addressing your trauma is only the first step, you don’t have to suffer alone. As coaches it's our duty to re-instill hope in you and help you find ways  to appreciate  and live a fulfilled life.